Dial Up Users      

For those customers on Dial Up internet services there have been some important changes to the way you access your dial up service. You need to use the following settings in your Dial Up to the Internet:

Access Number:

019 833 1201




your password

IP Settings:

set to automatically assign

DNS Settings:

set to automatically assign

The two differences in access between the old dial up service and the new dial up service are the @speednet.com.au after your username, and the access number you dial.

SpeedNet's Dial Up service is now available nationwide, you are able to use your dial up service from anywhere in Australia by using your normal access details. This is one of the improvements offered by the recent migration to new systems. If you travel for business or pleasure and have a Laptop, you simply plug into an active telephone line and dial up just as you do from home at no extra charge. 

Please Note: It is not permitted to operate independent email or other messaging servers on Dial Up services. Nor do Dial Up services support reverse DNS or SPF Filtering. Under no circumstances are IP assignment or DNS settings to be set to anything other than automatic assignment unless specifically instructed to do so by SpeedNet Support. These are part of the new operational protocols which have become standard across Australia.

SpeedNet are also now able to offer ISDN Dial Up at 64kbps and 128kbps.

For Dial Up service users additional services are also available for use free of charge, these services are:

News Server:


SpeedNet also have a comprehensive and competitive range of ADSL internet services. ADSL provides a faster internet access, additionally it leaves your phone free for use while you are on the internet. A new ADSL service can be connected in as few as 4 to 7 business days.

If you are unsure, need assistance, or have any questions, please contact our support at the usual number.