Access to Email Services has not been changed, access operates as it did previously with the following settings:

UID: your speednet username
Password: your password
Incoming Mail (POP3):
Outgoing Mail (SMTP): ON_NET Customers
Outgoing Mail (SMTP): OFF-NET Customers your service providers smtp

The new mail systems operate very exacting security parameters. You are only able to utilize the outgoing mail systems from a SpeedNet provided internet access service, you can however retrieve mail from any location that is connected to the internet. .

The new mail systems have new settings in respects to message and mailbox sizes, and the number of recipients per message, and is also more interactive by keeping you informed of your mailbox status. The following are the default settings for mailboxes and messages:

Dial and ADSL Users:

Mailbox Storage Capacity:

100 Mb

Maximum Message Size:

20 Mb

Maximum Recipients Per Message:

50 recipients per message

Mail Delivery Messages:

Delayed Delivery:

If you have sent an email and you receive a message that the email delivery has been delayed you do not need to do anything. This message simply means that within two hours of having sent the email the mail systems have not been able to deliver the message to the destination mail server. This can be due to a large number of reasons such as;

  • the destination server is currently busy and is not accepting any more connections

  • the destination server may be currently offline

  • or their may be an issue with the recipients mailbox

in any case, the message is held by the mail server which continually attempts to complete the delivery

Unable to Deliver:

If you have sent an email and you receive a message that the email was undeliverable this means that for some reason the mail systems were unable to deliver that email. Some of the reasons for this can be:

  • the destination server is not accepting connections or is is offline

  • the email address does not exist

  • the email may exceed the message size and recipient limits set by the destination server

  • the recipients mailbox is unavailable due to reasons such as that mailbox is full

If someone who has attempted to send you an email receives an undeliverable message from their mail server it may be that their mail server does not comply with current accepted mail operator policies. Please contact us if this happens in order we can determine if this is the case.

If you are unsure, need assistance, or have any questions, please contact our support at the usual number.