New SPF Filters      

SPF Filters are a new DNS mail server record. Currently many operators cope with SPAM in the first line of defense by performing reverse DNS lookup's on a mail server that is attempt to send mail. Although very effective, this is unfortunately not fool proof and subsequently SPAM operates are sometimes able to get around this.

SPAM costs the industry and the consumer a tremendous expense every year with unwanted mail, and often the content of these mails is objectionable to many people. Both SpeedNet and its alliance SME GlobalNet are extremely strict on SPAM and SPAM type activities and strive to eliminate as much as possible, additionally there is a zero tolerance for SPAM which originates from within our customer communities.

Some time ago a move was made to investigate SPF Filters as a further means of eliminating SPAM operators. These endeavors have come a long way and a format has been agreed upon by most of the major mail operators such as Microsoft, Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo. 

The systems operated by SpeedNet's new alliance are already fully compliant with the new SPF Filter structure. Additionally these filters are being activated by many mail operates on the 30th October 2004.

These filters work by providing additional information about email for an internet domain name, these details include names of mail servers. Therefore, when a destination mail server is contacted and it seeks an SPF record, it will only accept mail if the record matches that for the internet domain on the message. This has an important impact on SPAM operators, who predominantly steal the identity of a legitimate mail operator. It also has an important impact on mail operators, as mail operators who fail to implement the new SPF Filter records may in many cases be rejected by mail operators that do. SpeedNet's new alliance will be fully implementing SPF Filtering on the 30th October 2004

For our residential customers all you have to look forward to is the almost complete halt of unwanted email. You still may receive email from list servers or organizations you have subscribed to in the past, to eliminate these emails you need to unsubscribe from those services.

If you are a commercial customer and SpeedNet currently provide mail services for you under your own internet domain name, you are not required to do anything, the new SPF Filters will automatically be added for you.

More importantly, for our business and commercial customers that operate their own mail servers, if SpeedNet currently provide your DNS you must contact us prior to 15th October 2004 and determine which option you want to choose in order to comply with the new environment. The options available are:

The establishment of an SPF Filter record in your DNS hosting, this will need to include the exact server and domain name that your mail server currently answers as. You will need to have a static IP address with reverse DNS for this option

When sending outgoing mail you can use one of the available smart hosts which will relay your mail from your mail server to the required destination server. This will make your mail appear to be coming directly from a legitimate and compliant mail provider.

If you are unsure, need assistance, or have any questions, please contact our support at the usual number.