As part of the recent migration and system upgrades SpeedNet now have a new WebMail facility. This facility is based on Microsoft Outlook, therefore our customers who use Outlook Express and Outlook will find the new WebMail very familiar and easy to navigate. The new WebMail facility has many more features than the previous facility offered.

To access the WebMail either:

Select the 'Click here for Web Mail' button on the SpeedNet website, or

Enter mail.speednet.com.au in your internet browsers address bar ( < or click on the address )

It is important to remember that WebMail works almost the same way as Outlook Express and Outlook, especially when deleting messages. When you delete messages they are not removed from your mailbox, deleted messages are moved to the Trash Folder (under the folders menu on the left) and contribute towards the storage space used in your mailbox. You should regularly empty your Trash folder by simply clicking on the (Purge) icon when using WebMail to avoid your mailbox becoming full.

If you are unsure, need assistance, or have any questions, please contact our support on 02 9570 9900