Media Release
30 November 2000

National Parks Association of NSW

Blue Mountains Forever

The National Parks Association of NSW is ecstatic about last night's decision of the World Heritage Committee to list the Blue Mountains as World Heritage.

"It gives deserved recognition to the Blue Mountain's outstanding values", said Andrew Cox, NPA Executive Officer.

"NPA congratulates all involved in the effort to formally recognise the Blue Mountain's unique natural and cultural heritage, and its place in the development of the Australian environment movement."

"The area has inspired generations of bush lovers, being the worlds last large wilderness adjacent to a major city!"

"The NPA also welcomes the Premier's commitment made today that the plans of management for the national parks in the new world heritage area would be completed soon."

"We would hope that this occurs before the end of the year," said Mr Cox.

"Widespread community and Government support for the proposal demonstrates Australian society has moved a long way forward from the days when undeveloped areas such as the Blue Mountains were looked upon for profit from their destruction - as sites for roads, railways, houses, farms, dams or airports."

"The Blue Mountains has essentially survived two centuries of these threats, and now through world heritage listing, it should remain so."

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