Hazel Abarca, student, etc.
Once of Mangagoy, now of Chatswood

My new short URL is just: http://hazel.cjb.net


November 1997: I am studying hard for my HSC exams which I take in November so I am sorry that I won't be able to answer your email for a few weeks.

December 1997: Exams are over, not results yet so I am available for any activity. Otherwise I am likely to be making cables for my uncle.

January 1998: Lazy summer as usual, a couple of new photos coming.

February 1998: Enrolling in tourism studies at Crows Nest TAFE College, well it beats working. Seriously though, part-time job wanted, about 3 days per week.

April 1998: Now working at Coles supermarket in Chatswood Chase some evenings. Come down and say hello!

May 1998: New e-mail address, so my cousins don't get to read my mail before I do.

December 1998: My cousin James in Cebu has got himself a home page. He is hoping for some traffic, so girls please write if you feel like it.

January 1999: Now Lanieliz has page like this. She would love to be noticed, so boys please write if you feel like it.

Jume 1999: My 21st birthday. Since I started this page two years ago I have found that life gets better: I now have a job, something to study and a boyfriend. So I don't really need to keep this page anymore. But maybe we will leave it up because of the links to my friends and cousins' sites. Please visit them sometime.

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Me in winter

Hazels's 19th Birthday


























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<---- My little sister and I

This is Rojenette ---->

Si Rojenette sa bukid, morning after New Year's Eve, 1999

My cousin James in Cebu. --->

HHere I am at home during my 21st birthday party.

My friend
Mink is from Thailand, the liitle girl is Gabby.