POLICY No 6, June 1986

1.0 Preparation and exhibition

The Minister responsible for National Parks and the National Parks and Wildlife Service are urged to dramatically reduce the delay between the gazettal of a reserve and the adoption of a Plan of Management to not more than two years.

The Minister and the Service are also urged to considerably reduce the delay between exhibition and adoption to not more than one year.

2.0 Concise Plans

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is urged to revise its management planning process by immediately adopting a commitment to producing concise and well illustrated draft Plans of Management.

In general Plans should be brief: for reserves remote from major population centres, with relatively few visitors and few management problems, the so-called '30 page Management Plan' would suffice. The more complex Parks such as Blue Mountains, Morton and Kosciusko, will require larger documents.

The Plan should be a Statement of the management intentions. It should refer to a separate document containing resource information about the Park.

Plans should contain clear maps at an appropriate scale with good draughtsmanship and high quality reproduction. Reference shall only be made to standing Service policies or procedures which have been made public.

3.0 Notice of adoption

The Minister responsible for National Parks is requested to give notice of his/her adoption of a Plan by Notice for Information published in the Government Gazette.

4.0 Availability of Plan

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is requested to give greater publicity to the availability for purchase or inspection of the adopted Plan.

5.0 Operations with a Plan

In the absence of a Plan of Management the National Parks and Wildlife Service should not be constrained from carrying out such work or policies which: (a) where possible preserve future land use options;

(b) have negligible environmental impact and which contribute benefits to nature conservation and/or passive recreation;

(c) are not inconsistent with the purpose for reservation of the subject land or lands;

(d) can be undertaken pursuant to a satisfactory examination of environmental factors pursuant to Park V of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.

* National Park means National Park, Nature Reserve, Historic Site and State Recreation Area as defined in the National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1974.


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