Policy No: 14

1. The NSW Government should accept responsibility for fully funding the National Parks and Wildlife Service including a substantial allowance for acquisition of private lands.

2. In order to reduce the necessity for buying back former Crown land sold to private owners, the NPWS should be given the first option to acquire all remaining Crown lands and Crown leasehold with natural values, without cost.

3. The National Parks and Wildlife Foundation should continue to be the financial arm of the Service for promoting corporate donations for parks and the Service. Such donations should be tax exempt.

4. The National Parks and Wildlife Foundation should continue to seek and publicise donations from private and corporate donors but inducements should not include: . donors' names, logos or slogans on whole parks or parts of parks, such as tracks, lookouts, etc. . donors' names, logos or slogans on park management buildings, vehicles, etc., except as a simple plaque commemorating the opening of a building or as a small dashboard notice in a vehicle, . donors' names, logos or slogans on notice boards, sign posts, etc., in parks.

5. Every effort should be made by park management to maximise the geological, archaeological, historical, botanical and zoological interpretations of the parks. NPA sees all commercial advertisement essentially as a distraction obscuring this major task.

6. Local and regional park staff should not be distracted from their duties by demands that they raise funds. Fundraising should be agreed between NPWS head office and NPWF.

7. It is the policy to campaign against companies which seek to use their donations to NPWF/NPWS as a lever to gain commercial advantage/corporate publicity or resource allocation within the park system and proposed additions to it.

Adopted by State Council 7th November, 1992.


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