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This is the former site of National Parks Association of NSW. The NPA website address is now: Most material posted since about April 2003 is now found at the above address. The old web site is being phased out; however some parts remain as part of an archive of material (from about February 1997) not yet transferred to the new site. Please check the new site for current information.

An index to archive pages still here is here (the old front page).

Some other material that once shared this site

'The Spirit of Mabo'
The land needs the laughter of children: Native title and the achievements of aboriginal people.
Essay by Sean Flood is now here Other related material is still here.

Blazermate Pty Ltd, Engineers and electronic production outsourcers, formerly a sponsor of this site, are still here.

The Abarca family, whose webspace this was, have moved their web page here.

Paramount Aquariums of Willoughby has closed due to the retirement of its owners. The Chung family thanks all past customers for their support over the years.

Central Coast Steam Model Co-op Ltd. - NARARA MINIATURE TRAIN PARK website has moved to


Papers by the late Sister Maureen Flood on the writings of Judith Wright, and other matters, are at

Free service to get quotes for work around the house and more: jobstodo

A Sydney law practice specialising in criminal and traffic defence (North Shore), please see

Another Sydney law practice specialising in criminal and traffic defence (Fairfield), please see

And while we are at it, here are some obsolete server names:

The server at is down, probably indefinitely. There is an interim site at: 全日本外国人不良少年会 (Japan forum).

If the web site still exists, anything with a URL beginning ... should be available at ... .

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