National Parks Association of New South Wales Inc, AustraliaStriving for larger, better managed and totally protected national parks in New South Wales ... working for the protection of endangered species everywhere.

This is the former site of National Parks Association of NSW. The NPA website address is: . Most material posted since about April 2003 is now found at the above address. The old web site is being phased out. Some parts remain as part of an archive of material (from about February 1997) not yet transferred to the new site. Pages here are not maintained. Please check the new site for current information.


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working together to protect natural areas

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Western Woodlands Project

NPA Marine Conservation Campaigns

Sydney Branch Wandering Wildlife

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Glossy Black-Cockatoo Information

Sugarloaf Bay (pictures of urban bushland)

Narran Lakes
Macquarie Marshes

Coolah Tops

Community Biodiversity Survey Manual

Solitary Islands

Our parks in danger !

St Marys woodlands:
last chance for 1500Ha regional park.

Jervis Bay Marine Park:
Plan does not go far enough.

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