The High Court Judgment Examined

Commentary on Native Title Act 1993 (Cth)
and a Section for Students and Teachers

3rd edition

"Oh my home, my beautiful home".
Torres Strait Islanders’ Song
[sung while exiled to mainland Australia]

Mabo: A Symbol of Sharing was prepared by Sean Flood for the 1993 Public Defenders' Seminars.

Throughout his career, Sean Flood has defended black and white people in Papua New Guinea, Central Australia (N.T.), the ACT and New South Wales. He was the first barrister employed by the South Coast Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW) in 1974. Since then he has worked with Aboriginal people in a wide variety of matters including the long struggle to obtain legislative recognition of the entitlements of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal community, viz. Aboriginal Land Grant (Jervis Bay Territory) Act 1986, proclaimed January 16, 1987. Sean Flood, Public Defender, New South Wales, has two boys and two girls. His wife, Elizabeth, an architect, worked with the women of Wreck Bay on home design. Other publications include McKinney on Confessions: If Walls Could Talk (1991) 15 Criminal Law Journal 287 and If Walls Could Talk: The McKinney Direction on Disputed Confessions, co-author Mark Brabazon, (1992) 9 Australian Bar Review 146.

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"This is a book that should be in every public and school library..." - Natalie Bennet, The Northern Daily Leader

"A timely response to confusion..." - Aboriginal Law Bulletin

"a very useful...introduction to the unfolding ramifications of the High Court decision." - The Newcastle Herald

Winner, 1994 Xerox Fast Books Award for Best Self-Published Book

This edition includes a Section for Students and Teachers

After several printings, the book is currently (September 1998) out of print. However due to continuing interest from students and others we have decided to make a completely updated "transcript" of the text available on the Internet.

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Other works on Mabo and Native Title: (Republication on the Internet in progress, December 2001, more to follow):

Sean Flood

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