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Media Release 23 April 1997

Marine Parks Decision No Mining Standoff Between Fishing and Conservation Resolved?

The National Parks Association today welcomed the Government’s announcement that new Marine Parks are to proceed and that no mining will be allowed in the Parks.

"The decision to ban mining from the whole of the Marine Park areas is highly commendable," said Noel Plumb, Executive Officer of the NPA. " This defies increasing pressure from the mining industry and the Commonwealth Government to open up new parks and conservation reserves to mining. Bob Carr is to be congratulated on this element of the decision."

NPA believes the proposed mechanism for the introduction of the Marine Parks reflects the continuing conflict between fishing and conservation interests.

"The proposal that the Marine Parks Authority will be chaired by the head of the Premiers Department is an interesting attempt to resolve the stand off between the Fishing and Environment Ministers over who should have responsibility for the new Authority and the implementation of the parks"

"We will be watching closely to see whether real progress is made under the Premier’s eagle eye in establishing a system of Marine Parks which provide an adequate amount of genuine no take areas, equivalent to land based National Parks. At least 15% of the State’s marine environment needs to be in such areas."

"The people of NSW and the marine ecosystems of the State deserve fair dinkum Marine National Parks - Clayton’s Parks will not do."

"Bob Carr well knows the local and international concern at the appalling state of the world’s oceans. Many of the world’s leading marine scientists recently called for protection of at least one fifth of the oceans as an international network of areas protected from pollution, mining and fishing."

"We call on the Premier to not only complete the Solitary Islands and Jervis Bay Marine Parks in the next two years but to make a solid start on the wider system needed to protect the marine environment and fishing stocks"

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