Port Macquarie National Park Extensions

Good Move Pam Allan

The National Parks Association today congratulated the Minister for the Environment, Pam Allan, on her initiative to link two national parks in a sensitive coastal zone near Port Macquarie.

NPA’s Executive Officer, Noel Plumb, said "The decision clearly highlights the fabulous potential for a continuous park link over 50 kilometres long from Port Macquarie through to Harrington at the mouth of the Manning River, on the southern end of Crowdy Bay National Park. By inclusion of Queens Lake and some modest State Forest areas at Queens Lake, Middle Brother and Johns River the people of NSW and the region can achieve an amazing dual forest and coastal park which would stretch for more than 50 kilometres along the coast."

"The Minister’s announcement that Watson Taylors Lake and crown land between the new Dooragan National Park and the older Crowdy Bay National Park are to be added to the parks is an encouraging sign that the government recognises the benefits of linking isolated park areas. This gives the parks greater value as nature conservation areas with more complete and robust ecosystems. The larger the core park area and the more varied the natural areas in it, the greater its value to protect plants and animals over the long term."

Ms Gwen O’Dea, President of the NPA’s Mid North Coast Branch said "A 50km long park would be a marvellous draw for visitors. They would be attracted by the great beauty and the chance to enjoy such a large and varied park. The park would include some of the State’s most important koala areas as well as internationally significant migratory bird habitat. This would further build the strong tourism base in the local economy."

"The latest step completes the protection of North Brother which an Aboriginal dreamtime legend links to two other coastal mountains to the south, the Three Brothers. NPA is hopeful that the Middle and South Brothers also can be added to the national parks estate, providing better protection to both the Aboriginal heritage values and the diverse and sensitive forest communities on these peaks."

For further information ( including sketch map of new additions) and photo/film opportunity:

Noel Plumb 02 9233 4660 or 018 975 075 Gwen O’Dea 0265 83 2272

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