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.... NPA PARTNER - I wish to be an NPA Partner and make a monthly tax-deductible donation by direct debit or by credit card for the following amount. Please indicate the amount of your monthly donation:
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Donations will be debited the last week of each month. We will send you a receipt at the end of each financial year for the amount of your donations. At all times you remain in control and you can stop or change your donations any time you wish. NPA's membership in the Confederation of Bushwalkers Insurance Scheme covers you for personal injury on all NPA walks.

OR .... NPA MEMBER - I can't make a regular donation right now, but I would like to be an NPA Member in one of the following categories: Adult $55 Household $65 School/Library $65 Corporate $250 (incl GST) Concession $30 (all single payment, yearly) Click here to join

.... Payment Choice 1: Direct Debit

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Dear Sir/Madam, I/We (names in full as on your account) ______________________________ request you, until further notice in writing, to debit my/our account described in the schedules above any amounts which National Parks Association of NSW (ID 069770) may debit or charge me/us through the Direct Debit System. I/We understand and acknowledge that:
1.The Financial Institution may in its absolute discretion determine the order of priority of payment by it or any moneys pursuant to this request or any authority mandate.
2.The Financial Institution may in its absolute discretion at any time by notice in writing to me/us terminate this request as to future debits.
3.The user may by prior arrangement advise me/us to vary the amount or frequency of future debits.
4.The user may charge me/us a $20 fee should insufficient funds be available in the above account.

Signature _____________________________ Date ____________ Signature ____________________________ Date ____________

.... Payment Choice 2: Credit Card

Please charge my credit card for the amount $___________ each month until further notice.
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Please post this form to National Parks Association of NSW, PO Box A96, Sydney South 1235, or fax to us at (02) 9290 2525
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