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growing !

I enjoyed going through your scrapbook. We have 4 Community, information town websites located at the top of the
Blue Mountains. These websites are and All the sites feature some of the National Park in which we are blessed to live. These sites will continue to evolve with community input about the past historyand future direction of the Top of the Mountains. Already there has been some contribution from the community and as time goes by there will be more. We will be more than happy to keep your scrapbook informed of new developments.
Kind regards
Howard Chapman
02 4787 5470
Come visit the top of the mountains
(19 April 2004)
Comment: These sites do not display properly in Netscape, seem to be Ok in Internet explorer.

Subject: contribution - From: Justin.Rees

Blue Mountains is the most amazing region in Australia. There is infinate amounts of renowed places, and twice as many wonders that aren't known! The website is a good guide to everything thats happening and is a really good guide for people looking to go to the area.

Please add this contribution to the scrapbook as I believe it will help people discover the Blue Mountains. Also, is it possible to re-use the photos on this site? some of the content is great.
Regards, Justin Rees, Marketing Manager (Thu, 9 Oct 2003 14:40:01)
Comment: We're always pleased to help. This site would mainly interest people looking to book accomodation in the mountains.

New Forum. Ray Mitchell has just set up a forum system for users of the NPA web site. It is at The forum should be more useful than this page for posting notices because the process is automatic. You can also post replies and follow-up messages. (August 2003)
Berowra Valley. Our friends on the Red Gum Bushland Committee have a new web site to explain the need for urgent action to protect this area. Many of us would have fond memories or walking or canoeing there. Others would remember dropping off their children for scout, guide or Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Let's keep it for another generation or two! (June 2003)

More Issues of the National Parks Journal

As part of our move to a new web site hosted on the office computer, recent issues of our journal can be read at The index to issues up to June 2002 remains here for the time being.

Member's Advertisement
House to Share - Bulli (Wollongong)
Suit nature lover who likes peace and quiet of any age. Two rooms available- 1 large bedroom with built in robe and also own sunroom/study with outlook of delightful large private garden. Storage space also available.
House is roomy, charming, new kitchen and bathroom. On a hill with ocean views and just mins walk to klms of beautiful beaches, bike tracks. Close bus, shops, Princes Hwy but quiet loc. 10 min Wollongong city, 30 min Campbelltown, 60min Sydney. Share is with one other quiet, friendly nature/animal lover. Must be working, or full time student, clean and honest. Small pet, birds, plants ok. Can grow own veg if u like.
$130 pw + shr exp. Bond, refs req.
Ph: 0414 662712 email:
(posted 15 April 2003)
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See Ray Mitchells new photo gallery experiment here .

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Some recent issues of the National Parks Journal:
August 2002 - Year of the Mountains - Kosciuszko Park Plan - Blue Mountains - Warrumbungles - Barrington
August 2002
October 2002 - Brigalow Belt South - Groundwater - Brigalow's wildflowers - Boomanulla Caring for Country
October 2002
December 2002 - Renewable energy - Forest clearing - Climate change
December 2002
Need to link to NCC or at least make prominent reference.

How are we going get our Web site to be appealing & dynamic?.

regards Peter

Traditionally, NPA does not tell its members which party to support because our members are capable of making up their own minds and because, to protect our natural heritage, NPA is willing to work with whichever party wins government. For background information which may help you to make the right decision for the environment please see here:


And while we're at it ... Don't forget the Protectors of Public Lands

November 2002: Help the government to make a good decision on the future of Brigalow Belt South!
Brigalow Belt South Bioregion (BBSB) Assessment

Write a fax or an email TODAY

Text:"New National Parks and Nature Reserves over most of the Pilliga, all of Goonoo and Bebo State Forests and all remaining high conservation value smaller State Forests in Brigalow Belt South are imperative to adequately protect 58 threatened woodland species"

Send your email/fax to: Bob Carr, Premier NSW (fax 92283935 or or Dr Andrew Refshauge, Minister for Planning (fax 92284400 or

This site gives information on the Western Conservation Alliance Proposal for Brigalow Belt South Bioregion. It is the ONLY proposal for the region that secures a future for the many endangered animals and plants of the bioregion.
See NPA Western Woodlands Project and (Western Conservation Alliance)
Position Vacant: book distributor. Please see NPA jobs page. Web site news
Due to a server crash at Speednet, some changes made since September have been lost, these are being restored progressively, meanwhile apologies to our contributors.

We have also just posted our mission statement.
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 12:34:14
From: "Sarah J Morton"
Subject: NPA scrapbook contribution

Doctors For Forests NSW Inaugural Meeting 7:00pm Friday 30 August

All welcome to our inaugural meeting. Doctors, health professionals, nurses, allied health, students etc. Speakers include: Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans MLC & Glen Klatovsky, The Wilderness Society. Hear about the impact of forestry on our health and what Doctors for Forests NSW plan to do.

[where] Edward Ford Building, University of Sydney Main Campus. [transport] Train to Redfern and walk, bus up City rd/Parramatta Rd, or car. E-mail: Web:

Prevention is always better than the cure. The destruction of NSW's old-growth forests threatens the health of our communities by contributing to global warming, polluting water catchments, jeopardising biodiversity and decreasing air quality. Yet, the government is doing little to save them. In fact, despite election promises to the contrary, we are still logging our old-growth forests in NSW. Now plans are underway, and in fact we have allready trialed, burning our precious remaining native forests for electricity production. Doctors for Forests NSW is a network of doctors, health professionals and students committed to lending another voice to our forests. We are working for the cessation of old-growth logging in NSW, improved forestsry practices and a healthier future. Join us for free - and visit our website.
Natural Heritage Trust NSW Bushcare Network has a new look webpage attached to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) website.

We are wanting to spread the Bushcare word far and wide and in our quest to do that we are wanting to have a link created from your site to ours. The Web address is

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me via return email if you have any queries. Thanks again for your assistance.

Fiona Shaw
Urban Bushcare Facilitator
PO Box 1967
NSW 220
02 9585 6572 - Ph
02 9585 6495 - Fax
New Rivers Information. The suite of AusRivAS Physical & Geoassessment Protocol Tools are now available online at:

Chapter 5 of the protocol contains explicit procedures for measuring nearly 90 different variables. The variables included in the protocol were chosen to represent a range of physical factors, including planform channel features, catchment character, landuse, hydrology, physical morphology, substrate, bank character, riparian vegetation, instream habitat and floodplain character. The direct URL to the protocol is (each variable can be extracted from Chapter 5):

A Review Of Physical River Assessment Methods is available from here:

The final report may be obtained from:

This material was supplied by and published with the assistance of Environment Australia and various additional alternative formats and presentations may subsequently be made available on the, or or other web-sites. You may also wish to visit the Environment Australia Inland Waters Website available at: 

National Parks Journal, June 2002

June 2002 - Year of the Outback
- Macquarie Marshes - Lane Cove fungi - Welcome Reef - small public lands in the west - Nari Nari conservation project - Pilliga Power

Year of the Outback - Macquarie Marshes - Lane Cove fungi - Welcome Reef - small public lands in the west - Nari Nari conservation project - Pilliga Power
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 12:36:54 +1000
From: Karin Geiselhart
charcoal factory


I am a citizen involved with the Charcoalition, a group trying to stop the charcoal factory from being built in Mogo.

I am unsure of the contacts that may already exist between the Far South Coast branch of the National Parks Association and the Charcoalition, but would it be possible to link to the charcoalition site?

The Charcoalition is trying to raise money for its legal fighting fund, and a link to their site could help alert other interested groups and people about this issue.

Dr. Karin Geiselhart
School of Business Information Technology
RMIT University Melbourne
ph 03 9925 1352
fax 03 9925 5482

NPA Marine Campaign

With 85% of Australians living near the coast, it is easy to see why we have a unique connection to the marine environment. We walk along the beach, enjoy leisurely swims, surf, sail and dive. The ocean is there for us all.

But pressure on our marine environment is increasing. Many of our marine species and the habitats they depend on are under threat from human activities. Pollution, fishing, mining and global warming are all taking their toll.

National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) believes our ability to enjoy a healthy and diverse marine environment is under threat. Read about our Marine Campaigns here.

April 2002 
- Bird's Eye View on Habitats - Carbon sinks or backyard timber mills? 
- Walking in Britain - Marine parks - Paths to a green economy - Towarri to Coolah Tops National Parks Journal, April 2002: Bird's Eye View on Habitats - Carbon sinks or backyard timber mills? - Walking in Britain - Marine parks - Paths to a green economy - Towarri to Coolah Tops. Click here.

NPA Milton Branch in Action

Mt Bushwalker Walking Track History

Little Forest Plateau - Morton National Park

The Mt Bushwalker Track is arguably the easiest of walks with the most rewards. Situated on Little Forest Plateau west of the Milton Township, the track runs from the Tianjara Fire Trail to the Clyde River canyon rim.

The track construction has been a joint Milton branch of NPA and NPWS project for the past 12 years. Foundation members of the Milton NPA, including the late Chris Humphries and many others, pioneered the route to the Clyde River escarpment.

A negotiable route was made somewhat easier in the 1950's, because of the activities of local farmers who regularly set fire to the plateau to provide new growth for their stock. About 25 years ago this area was added to Morton NP and the annual conflagration ceased. .. Continued
(The first of a series on the work of our branches.)



Western Woodlands Project Officer - Expressions of Interest

This position has been filled. Thanks to those who were interested.
Subject: NPA scrapbook contribution

The Sutherland Shire Environment Centre will be convening an Urban Estuaries Forum on Saturday 1 June 2002 in Cronulla.

This important forum, to be opened by NSW Minister for Land and Water Conservation, John Aquilina, will allow you to find out what is going on with urban estuaries, what the experts think and what the political parties are promising to do. You will also get the opportunity to ask questions, quiz experts and network with other people dealing with the same issues.

Professor Bruce Thom from the Coastal Council of NSW will Chair the forum. Speakers will include scientists specialising in estuary life, and experts on foreshore and economic issues effecting use of estuaries. A panel of estuary managers will provide input about estuary management options and experiences, followed by statements from representatives of the political parties: Mr Andrew Humpherson MP (Shadow Minister for the Environment, Liberal Party), Dr Chesterfield-Evans (Democrats), and John Kaye (Greens).

View and download the full program from the website:

Seating is limited and costs have been kept to a minimum ($22) to enable participation by all interested individuals. Please register early by contacting Sutherland Shire Environment Centre on (02) 9545 3077.

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre

Suite 4, (Level 1) 2-4 Merton Street, Sutherland NSW 2232
PO Box 589, Sutherland NSW 1499 Australia
Ph: +61 2 9545 3077 Fax: +61 2 9521 1477 Email:
The marine and coastal waters off Byron Bay are now under threat.

Dear marine supporters, without your help Byron Bay may:

  1. Lose its proposed Marine Park.
  2. Be the (not so) proud home of a floating ‘Club Med’ style operation right smack in the middle of the proposed marine park.
NPA calls on you to have your say. Please put pen to paper (fingers to the keyboard) and let your opinion be heard.

Please write to Premier of NSW Bob Carr on: or
Suite 501, Level 5,
806 Anzac Parade,
Maroubra NSW 2035

Please include the following points:

  • Support for the proposed Byron Bay Marine Park.
The proposed Marine Park at Byron Bay is a unique opportunity for local residents to actively protect their local marine environment, threatened species and safeguard their fish stocks.

International and national studies have shown that marine sanctuaries give enormous benefit to marine life. Evidence has shown that these areas yield more fish, larger fish and a greater diversity of species than areas subject to pressures from fishing.

  • Oppose the current application for 3 permanent moorings.
An application has been made for 2 permanent moorings inside the Julian Rocks aquatic reserve and 1 in the Bay. The proposed moorings will be used by 28-metre luxury catamaran for 3 day diving and fishing functions. Able to hold up to 30 overnight visitors and 150 days passengers the operation could potentially devastate local fish populations and impact significantly on endangered species such as the grey nurse shark who’s survival is already threatened by recreational fishing. Please find the time to have your say.

><> The marine life of the Byron Bay thank you for your help <><


Kate Davey

Marine Project Officer
National Parks Association of NSW
PO Box A96, Sydney South NSW 1235
Tel: 02 9299 0000; Fax: 02 9290 2525

The Road to Extinction

A history of line fishing, spearfishing and the meshing of Sydney’s beaches to protect us from sharks has helped cause the near extinction of one of our most wonderful species.

NSW Fisheries is the government department responsible for protecting the grey nurse shark in NSW. Recognising the decline in grey nurse shark numbers, NSW Fisheries listed the grey nurse shark as a protected species in 1984.

Although this action looked good politically, it did little to protect the grey nurse shark. This is because although spearfishes had long stopped killing grey nurse sharks, however line fishing and gamefishing, which continue to this day to be the main threat to the grey nurse shark, were still allowed to occur in the areas where grey nurse sharks gather!

With time, the grey nurse shark was listed in NSW as ‘vulnerable species’ and then in 2000 when researchers and divers found there to be only a few grey nurse sharks left in the sea, the grey nurse shark was recognised as an ‘endangered species’.

The grey nurse shark, like all sharks, is a top order predator that plays a very important role in the marine food chain. The grey nurse shark is harmless to humans and provides a wonderful viewing experience for divers.

This could be our last chance to save this species.

The Road to Recovery

Help National Parks Association of NSW save the grey nurse shark from extinction. Help us lobby NSW Fisheries to release a species recovery plan that will guarantee the full protection of the grey nurse shark from fishing and the beach meshing program.


Write: a short letter to NSW Fisheries stating that:

Grey nurse sharks are an important marine species that need urgent protection from human impacts.

Demand: the immediate release of the NSW Recovery Plan for the grey nurse shark.

Demand: that the gathering sites and feed species of the grey nurse shark become fully protected from fishing in marine sanctuaries.

Demand: that these marine sanctuaries are big enough to protect the grey nurse shark when they leave their gathering sites at night to look for food.

Demand: that marine sanctuaries be declared around all grey nurse shark gathering sites in all current and future marine parks.

Demand: that the NSW beach meshing program, which kills many species of sharks, turtles and other marine species be immediately abolished. (Australia is one of the only places in the world, which kills sharks under the miss-conception that this will protect swimmers).

PO Box A96, Sydney South NSW 1235
Tel: 02 9299 0000; Fax: 02 9290 2525


Working together to protect natural areas

Revealing the Pilliga

Summary: A seminar about the future of the biggest woodland in New South Wales to be held on Saturday 20 April 2002. Organised by the Canopy Committee of TEC. To register print out the pdf below or email:

Download more info: Revealing the Pilliga brochure (pdf File)
[ Get a player/reader for this file here

or phone TEC 61 2 9299 5599 or NPA 9299 0000

State Council visit to Barraba, 2-3 March 2002. Click here to see.

Barraba Shire Council hosted the State Council meeting of the National Parks Association of NSW on 2nd March 2002. Delegates from all over New South Wales were impressed with the level of co-operation and understanding in Barraba between nature conservationists and local government. Beginning with bird routes, Russell Watts has inspired Barraba Council to build biodiversity conservation objectives into the planning for the Shire in a manner that highlights the uniqueness of this area and promises to make the natural environment a real draw card for people (and native wildlife) to visit or move to this place.

Check out the official Barraba web page. Note the bird watching links.

Just a reminder to check our Media Releases page from time-to-time for up to date news.
Here is the February 2002 issue of the National Parks Journal: Grey Nurse Shark - Ski Resort - Regeneration - Salinity and Biodiversity - Bushfires in NPs - Good news for Solitary - Pilliga Mouse - Corridors - Deer and more. February 2002 
- Grey Nurse Shark - Ski Resort - Regeneration - Salinity and Biodiversity 
- Bushfires in NPs - Good news for Solitary - Pilliga Mouse - Corridors - deer
CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK AUSTRALIA Its a good report, and has our name on it.(added 4 February 2002)

Here is the December 2001 issue of the National Parks Journal: December 2001 - Marine parks - Jervis Bay
- Captured by users - Volunteering  
- Land Clearing
- Solitary Islands not alone
Here is an advanced look at our field activities planned for January and February, and March and April 2002.
Note for visitors: members receive these programs six time a year in the National Parks Journal. The printed version includes the name of the leader and a contact procedure for every activity.
Jervis Bay Marine Park:
Plan does not go far enough.

More... scrapbook continues.

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