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Some unexpected bushland in Willoughby, not 10Kms from the Sydney GPO. URGENT NEWS


Almost a year after this page was first posted, the issue is still alive. We have had a circular from the council saying that they are going to discuss the "Review of submissions Relating to the Exhibition of Draft Willoughby Local Environment Plan 1995 (Amendment No. 3) in relation to Foreshore Building Lines" again at the regular council meeting to be held at the council offices on the evening of Monday 25 May 1998. If you want to speak at the meeting you must let them know before midday. (Contact Jane Hosie 9777 7673 for enquiries).

Now it is October 1998. Prevarication persists. Any letters that you can write on this subject to Council, and to members of State Parliament would be helpful. Even Peter Collins, Leader of the Opposition supports extension of the Sydney Harbour National Park in this area, but so he should, he is our local member.


If you have enjoyed looking at these pictures you may be interested in some news received this weekend from the Willoughby Environmental Protection Association. The bush above has been preserved by a number of means: unused freeway reserve, council parkland, drainage reserve, and parts of private properties governed by the Foreshore Building Line of the City of Willoughby. The Foreshore Building Lines (FBL) are now under threat. Generally the lines are presently based on contours. Following legal action by people who appear to have an interest in abolishing or moving the lines, the council is reviewing its FBL policy.

Role of Foreshore Building Lines in Willoughby: A Summary

Help needed now

There is an exhibition of LEP95 Foreshore Building Line Review and a 100 metre (i.e. grossly inadequate in places) FBL option at the new WCC council chambers at level 4, 31 Victor St. Chatswood. Submissions closed 5 June 1997* unless you apply for an extension before then.

You can help by writing to the General Manager, Michael Beilby, Willoughby City Council, P.O. Box 57 Chatswood NSW 2067. Or drop it in at the chambers or fax to 9411 8309.

You should write two letters:

Also you should send copies to, or speak to, your local members and to any Willoughby councillors you may know. Please phone WEPA for more details of politicians' addresses.

Willoughby Environmental Protection Association (WEPA), C/- 91 Eddy Road Chatswood NSW 2067. Phone 9958 8569 or 9958 1852 to discuss how you can help with this campaign. E-mail:

* Even though this deadline has now passed you should still keep up the pressure on any aldermen or state politicians that you know.

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Revised 01 Oct 1998.