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March 31, 2001

One more thing..If you're in
Sydney, please fill this out! : .
It's for my Design +
Technology major project.

Edith > 5:43:37 PM

Hi! I don't know if any teens, preteens, or people who consider themselves young at heart come here, so if you do, DON'T FORGET TO SIGN THE NPA TEEN GUESTBOOK! Also, if you have anything to add on to this page, Email it to me, and as my dad put on this page before, (yes! it was my dad! not me!) it doesn't have to be about the bush.

New Homepage Design After 18 months of red of green, we have finally changed the design to white and yellow on maroon. We hope that our visitors will find this easier to read and quicker to load. Please tell me what you think of it. 20th of June 1998.

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