National Parks Association of New South Wales Inc, Australia Who We Are

A leading conservation group

NPA is a non-government conservation group working together to protect the natural areas of New South Wales.

NPA was formed in 1957 to lead a campaign calling for a new government body to manage natural areas throughout the State. The success of this campaign resulted in the National Parks and Wildlife Act of 1967 and the establishment of the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Over the years, NPA members have presented a series of detailed proposals for the new national parks to the Government. Many of our present national parks, including Barrington Tops, Blue Mountains, Mount Kaputar, Morton, Oxley Wild Rivers and Myall Lakes, have come about because of these carefully researched reports.

NPA members are grouped in 19 branches throughout NSW and all branches are involved in conservation issues in their area, and have a comprehensive range of field activities appropriate to their region

The leading bushwalking group in NSW

The NPA Activities Program is the largest of its kind in NSW. We offer over 600 walks per year, with over 100 volunteer walks leaders guiding walks with minimal impact on the environment. Enjoy the safety of a group while exploring the spectacular and unique bushland of NSW.

As an NPA member, you walk free on as many walks as you wish - both midweek and weekends. Click here for more information on bushwalking with NPA.

Become a member and enjoy our excellent member benefits, meet new friends, and know your membership will be helping one of the leading conservation groups in NSW to continue its important conservation work.

All Abilities and Interests

From easy, short walks right through to full pack overnight treks, NPA caters for every ability and interest. All activities are graded with easy to understand terminology so you know the distance, elevation climbed or descended, even the terrain you will encounter on the walk. Match walks to your level of fitness.

As well as our regular bushwalks, we offer walks from base camps, adventurous full pack walks and a range of outdoor activities including canoe trips, bike rides, and easy & educational walks for children and families.

Great Walks Locations

Walk with us from the coast to the mountains and beyond. NPA offers walks in the spectacular national parks close to Sydney, such as Royal, Ku-ring-gai Chase and the Blue Mountains and in many other places across NSW. Many walks are accessible by public transport. Come walking with us interstate and overseas too!

With 19 NPA branches across NSW there are many opportunities to join local bush walking and activity programs and to participate in local conservation campaigns.

More Than Just Bushwalking

NPA is a leading conservation campaign group that has existed since 1957 through the support of its members. In addition to bushwalks, you will be welcome to participate in a wide range of activities if you wish, including :

Enjoy our Member Benefits

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Our Objects

  1. The principal object of the Association is to achieve an adequate system of, and appropriate management for national parks in New South Wales.
  2. Without limiting the generality of sub-section (1), the particular objects of the Association shall include-
"National park" means any national park, state recreation area, nature reserve, flora or fauna reserve, recreation reserve, geological or archaeological reserve, wilderness or primitive area, or any lands or waters or submerged areas reserved for the protection of natural or cultural features

Our Mission

Click here to see the mission statement of the National Parks Association of NSW.

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"working together to protect our natural areas"