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For  Your Information . . .

(A book by Keysar Trad)

The Islamic Friendship Association of Australia

جمعية الصداقة الاسلامية الاسترالية

(A Keysar Trad initiative)

Bringing Together the Human Family

Speeches by Keysar Trad from forums convened jointly with the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia:

Speech at the October 2003 forum

Speech at the July 2004 forum

Speech at the May 2005 forum

Speech at the Nov 2005 Symposium

Speeches by other speakers:

Speech By Dr. Ibrahim Abu Muhammad for a forum on 3 Dec 05

Speech By Prof. Neil Ormerod, Australian Catholic University at a forum on 3 Dec 05

Speech by Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

Speech by The Hon Chris Cummins, Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Speech Notes by Rabbi Uri Themal

Speech Notes for The Hon. John Hatzistergos MLC, Minister for Justice, July 04

Speech by Bishop Kevin Manning

Speech by Ms. Wendie Wilkie

Speech by Ms. Suzan Meguid

Speech by Sr. Giovanni Farquer RSJ

Speech by Ms. Amina Elshafei

Qur'an verses recited by Mr. Khaled Zraykah

A journalist friend's impression of the Oct 2003 program


Other useful material

News websites:


Listing of Arabic media


Common Dreams

Guardian Unlimited

The Independent UK

Information Clearing House

Media Monitors Network


Sydney Morning Herald

The Age

The Australian

The Daily Telegraph

The Sunday Telegraph

The Herald Sun

The Courier Mail

Middle East Online


Arab News

Mother Jones

Al Ahram

Salat (Prayer) timetable for Sydney
LE FastCounter

Links (Islamic)

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Qur`an Translations in various languages, recitations and word search

*****  Excellent new site 1001 scientific inventions by Muslim scientists *****

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils

Islamic art, architecture, calligraphy, etc

Muslim Heritage


Islamic City

Dr Yusuf AlQaradawi

From South Africa

Illustrated guide to Islam

The Wisdom Fund - varied / political

Council for American Islamic Relations

Links (General)

Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW

ADB - Race for the Headlines

Council for Civil Liberties (NSW)

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (AUS)

United Nations

Civil Rights Network

Australians Against Racism

Australian Government

Amnesty International

Australian Arabic Council

Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA)

Tony Kevin

Siev-X related 1

SIEV-X related 2

A Just Australia (refugee related)

Preventable Deaths in Iraq: