About the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia


The Islamic Friendship Association of Australia is an incorporated association, with both formal and informal members.  We were established in 2003 and have since held a number of interfaith programs.  We generally work in partnership with other organisations and individuals.  A person does not need to be a member to work with us, our organisation is not based on any fee structure and we have thus far resisted establishing a bank account.  This practice has worked for us as some of our key members are affiliated with other organisations and this means that the Islamic Friendship Association does not need to handle money directly and therefore, will not need to account for finances.  Our key members tend to deal with all issues that effect society in general and the Muslim community in particular.  Our association does accept patrons, although we have not actively sought these out as yet.  Our present membership and execs share skills in many areas, predominantly in rallying people to attend our programs, they excel in other languages especially writing material in those other languages.  Some of them have had decades of experience with other organisations which were ethno-religious.


We are happy to work with all people of good will to promote interfaith harmony.  There are some groups which we regard as radical or cultish within and without the Muslim community whom we avoid, apart from that, we reach out to all.


Below are links to some of the speeches from the different events along with the names of the organisations that have worked with us in the past:


Our speakers have included His Grace, the Right Reverend Philip Aspinall, the Anglican Primate of Australia, The Rev. Prof. James Haire, the head of the National Council of Churches of Australia and their graces Bishops Kevin Manning and Brian Finnigan of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta and Brisbane respectively, Rabbi Uri Themal of Temple Shalom of the Gold Coast. Prominent women speakers have also participated in programs by the Islamic Friendship Associaton, these include Ms. Wendie Wilkie who was then the Association General Secretary of the Uniting Church of Australia and Sr. Giovanni Farquer, the Personal Assistant to His Eminence George Cardinal Pell. These programs are usually chaired by prominent personalities and enjoy high levels of attendance.  Our programs have been chaired by accomplished people such as Ms. Geraldine Doogue (chaired two programs for us), Mr. Richard Glover, Mr. Stepan Kerkyasharian and Mr. Noel Debien.  Our partner organisations have included: The Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, Initiatives of Change, Queensland Government Department of Multicultural Affairs, University of Queensland Chaplaincy Service, Australian Islamic Educational Trust (Brisbane Muslim School), the Lebanese Moslem Association and others.  Our programs have also been supported by the Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW, Canterbury City Council, the Canterbury Community Centre and the Halal Helpline.