Victim of Desire (Saree'ul Hawa) By Dr. AbdurRahman Barood


Translated by Keysar Trad


"Victim of desire, it deceived you, it is indeed a deceiver

          Your life is a bird flying away from you

You were struck by the daughter of time with her afflicting glance

          chased by the passers-by yet it gives warning (of misfortune)

If she comes, she makes the strong of heart forget his heart

          and slavery becomes acceptable to him even though he is a prince.

A bride with no heart, people walk about her

          sneaks into the centre of the heart and takes hold

Had it not been for desire, those who fell into the fire would not have fallen

          nor would the forbearing have slaughtered so many.

It has a net, whoever escapes it is saved

          its mesh is like a sword though it is made of silk

It invades, it goes like knights on horses, behind it is

blood, tears, shrouds and graves

At night, in the early morning, whilst the night is dark

an informant at sunset, at dawn, whilst the town is still

You are like a rider in the desert, like a sand grouse

          above you are vultures strong and eagles

Struck the experienced archers an old hand

          a striker well expert at striking the best part of the heart

No matter how noble you are in this world, you are like a leaflet (when it comes to love)

          on the side of the road, like you, are many.

She throws every storm in isolation, in fear

          they roar at times and whistle

Your god is Layla, what can we do for you?

          You shortened your life over her, and life is already short

(Layla is the woman over whom Qays went mad, it is an old (true) love story, you may have heard of it "Qays wa Layla").

Your humiliation exalts her, you looked for a tie so she shackled you

          You indeed are deserving of iron manacles

You sit whilst the good people are going to strive and defend their nation

          your pains please you whilst bitter they really are!

If you were to look carefully around you, a moment

          you would see about you the black grinding war as it turns.

How strange, you turned your back, life always changes

          God has those in this world who turn away and those who come to Him

How will you feel when He throws: "Am I not your Lord"

          at us, and the pens are screeching?

We said: "Yes", He said, contracts between us

          And you are hearing on that day and seeing.

You broke your pledge, you traitor, and you continue

          there are witnesses over you, from you and in you are ever-present

You inherited a culture, the value of which you do not appreciate

          you were given a crown for which you are too small

Gone the age of lamenting memories

          lanterns in the middle of the darkness giving light

Centuries passed, skin then was like a heart

          however, in our age, the hearts are shallow like skin.

A progeny like atoms in value and ability on

          the back of a torrent, where ever it goes, they go.

If the tide draws it, it becomes like scum

          the scum washed by the tide has no feelings

A forest (of people) nourished by Lucifer until they plied to him

          The cursed one taught it how to transgress.

Is every Abu Jahl idolised by you (Abu jahl was one of the fiercest pagan enemies of the messenger)

          and you are like sacrificial offerings to him and incense.

Presenting the shame of the age like crowns of gold

          everyone running away, however, the account will be difficult.

Mouldy has become the face of the earth so the produce was spoiled

          enmity spread within roots and branches

A hurricane of Genghiz (khan) storming and his ocean

          thundering and a stormy night with rumbling

It is the war, in every field, behind it

          are boiling cauldrons of tar, overflowing in the chests (of people)

It is the war, look, is there anything left

          of the homes and look, is there any opening

Being directed by a thousand Kaissars and Caesars

          and a thousand Huyyay (a famous Jewish warlord) directing the director.

Its greatest victims are the hearts, you think them

          the ruins of Basra, their nights feel eternal

For you is Allah o Aqsa (the mosque), you sit in tears

          and all the strong men are prisoners

You wept whilst the hands of ignorance are meeting

          over you, and the (golden) calf of the Samaritan is billowing

May Allah reward you, you froth (meaning that our community are like froth, per the Hadith that describes how a time will come when our community will be ineffective like froth) do you not see?

          To what depths in the mud you are sinking

Millions, I wish that the millions were not

          and I wish that the land of ignorance was barren

A flock of humanity, the sky beneath it

          Its face is towards the throne of the Possessor looking

Fostered by fate, pampered, as if his closeness

          and love are luminance

On the flames of tragedy, they sharpened his blade

          so in the world he has no equal.

His shadow frightens Huyyay every night

          when my day comes, no forts can protect you

Tomorrow, faith will take its course with strength

                             Slaves will be liberated and burnt will be Nero.


Victim of Desire (Saree'ul Hawa) By Dr. AbdurRahman Barood


Translated by Keysar Trad